photography date: 10.04.2009  


There were about 40.000 Germans living in Georgia before World War II. Almost all of them were evicted by the State Defence Committee of the USSR decree of 8 October, 1941.
A part of them lived in Elisabethtal, today's Asureti.
Germans started moving from Germany to Transcaucasia on general Ermolov's initiative, in 1917.
Migrants got big plots of land, tax breaks, large pecuniary aid.
The history of Elisabethtal started on November 19, 1818, when the place for the settlement was determined and the name was chosen.

Remains of an Evangelical-Lutheran temple. Built in 1871.

The way it looked in 1925 (this and the following photos are from Ekaterine Udsulaschwili's book "Die deutschen Kolonisten in Georgien (Elisabethtal-Asureti 1818-1941)", Tbilisi 2011).

A view of the church from inside.

Some German houses have reached our days. .

German peasants.

A holiday.

A square in the center of the village. Monument to Karl Liebknecht.

A park to walk and rest.
Tere was a greenhouse and a summer cinema in the park.

Cycle race Luxemburg (Katarinenfield, Bolnisi) - Elisabethtal - Tbilisi.

Sport group.

Child string orchestra.

Joiner's shops.


Collective farm's tractor drivers and mechanics.



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