photography date: 23.06.2011  

Natural region of Birtvisi.
Birtvisi fortress.

Before visiting the natural region of Birtvisi, you can call by a nearby Tbisi castle. A few buildings and an underpass still exist, there's a lot to see.
The castle is quite away from the road, so it's pretty hard to see both the castle and Birtvisi. It's hardly possibe to do without a cross-country vehicle, in which you will be able to get close to the convent and then go back to the main road.
Besides the impressive nature, Birtvisi is famous for ruins of ancient fortress. The first records of it date from XI century.

Paths leading to Birtvisi are already very picturesque.

Travellers going to Birtvisi are met with rocks of a strange shape.

This area formed under some strange conditions.
As a result, there's an unforgettable odd landscape.

Birtvisi-Birtvisi rocks.
Birtvisi rocks.

Birtvisi-Ruins of ancient protective installations
Ruins of ancient protective installations.

Birtvisi-Ruins of ancient protective installations

Birtvisi-Sheupovari (Fearless) tower
Sheupovari (Fearless) tower.

Birtvisi-Sheupovari (Fearless) tower

Birtvisi-Sheupovari (Fearless) tower

Birtvisi-Ruins of protective walls on the other bank of the canyon
Ruins of protective walls on the other bank of the canyon.

Birtvisi-A passageway through a protective wall
A passageway through a protective wall.

People supplemented the natural architecture a little and made Birtvisi an anassailable fortress.




Birtvisi-A tank for collection and keeping water
A tank made in a rock for collection and keeping water.

A tank for collection and keeping water
One more tank.


Birtvisi-the way back
The way back.

Birtvisi-The bottom of the canyon
The bottom of the canyon.

Finally, I can't but mention Birtvisi flowers. They harmonise very well with local rocks.
I got an impression like if flowers were selected by a designer with a good taste.
You can see a few pictures of flowers in Birtvisi here.

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