photography date: 26.06.2011  

Patara Kldeisi - "Deep-freezers of Queen Tamara"

There's a place with quite a showy name "Deep-freezers of Queen Tamara" next to an abandoned village Patara Kldeisi.
The name is old, so it can't be considered a commercial for tourists.
As residents of local villages claim, there're caves here in which there's ice in summer. And in winter the ice turns into warm water.
We decided to check a part of this claim, about the ice in summer.

Freezer-Road to Patara Kldeisi
Road to Kldeisi.

Freezer-Road to Patara Kldeisi

Freezer-Rocks near Patara Kldeisi
There are no caves in the ordinary sense along the rocks near the canyon. Or at least we couldn't find them.
There're deep fissures heaped with debris of rocks here.

It's possible to go down to some of the fissures.

They really look like caves on the inside. There's no ice here.

Entrance to another fissure.



It's very cramped here.

The ceiling becomes so low that we have to crawl.

There's real ice under our feet. And it's summer outside, last days of June.
The stories turned out to be true.

It's pretty cold here. Going back, quickly.

Freezer-Going back
We should be back before it gets dark. By the way, one more point of interest here is wild bears.
We decided not to visit other fissures and hurried back to the car.

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