photography date: 23.07.2006  

Gudarekhi cloister complex

By our time, only a church and belfry have been extant on the territory of Gudarekhi cloister complex.
The church was built at Queen Rusudan (Queen Tamar's daughter) times in 1222-1245.
The surname of the architect is known, it's Chichaporidze. But the name is unknown. The place on the wall where it was written has beed damaged.
When building the church, more ancient stones of X-XII centuries edifices were used.
The belfry is the most ancient of the belfries dating in Georgia. It was built in 1278.
We can judge about other buildings only from ruins.

A nice view on a complex opens when there're still a few kilometres to the destination left.

Formerly, the cloister was surrounded with a beautiful wall.

There're graves and extant wallpainting in the church.

Interior of the church.

The belfry.

Only fragments have remained from all other buildings.
It is known that there were another church, a palace, monastic cells, wine-cellars on the territory of the cloister.
There probably was the second church here,

the palace here

and the monastic cells here. Or wine-cellars.

It's possible to go to Gudarekhi village from the complex.
There's a tower. It's an ordinary tower for Caucasus and rare for this part of Georgia.

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