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The Tetri Tskaro region is a part of Kvemo Kartli, one of the historic areas of Georgia.

The Tetri Tskaro region takes a leading position in the Caucasian region with the number of natural and historical attractions.
In the small territory of about 60km by 35 km you can find numerous sites for dozens of separate tours.
The region is away from the main tourist routes but not remote. Domestic tourism has been developed only slightly.
This isolation has established the Tetri Tskaro region as Terra Incognita for world tourism.
In the Interesting places of the region section you can view picture stories about passing some of the routes of the Tetri Tskaro region.
The picture stories were developed by the website authors.
While visiting some of the places, we knew we were the first people to have seen them for a very long time.

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