photography date: 04.07.2011  

Ruins of a church near Lipi lake

There're ruins of an old church near Lipi lake.
There might have been more buildings included in the complex, it's hard to say now.
The name and history of this construction are not known yet, but judging from rich ornamental pattern on stones,
the constructions can't be considered ordinary ones.

Lipi-Road to Lipi. Sanctuary
On the way to Lipi lake we can linger on near a group of stones.
Locals believe it's an ancient sanctuary.

Lipi-Road to Lipi. Sanctuary
There's some drawing visible on the biggest stone.

Proceeding the trip, we're coming up to the lake and then going up through the forest to the ruiins of the church.
When approaching, we can see ruins of a wall that might have served as a fence.

Lipi-Stone with a cross
Interesting stone fragments are beginning to appear.
A part of a big stone with a cross.

Lipi-Stone with a cross
There's a cross of interesting shape visible on a stone situated separately.

Some construction having turned into a pile of stones with time.

Lipi-Stone with carving
A stone rich in carving marks a corner of the construction.

Lipi-Stone with carving

The interiour room of a small church is the most extant.

There's an interesting stone slab not far from the entrance.

The slab is rectangular, more than 1.5 m. height.
The image on it reminds a modern scheme or map with symbols most of all.
It is incomprehensible what it really is.

Lipi-Stone fragments
We can judge about the scale of the construction from the stone fragments around here.

Lipi-Stone fragments
This stone arc used to block the main entrance.

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