photography date: 20.09.2007  

Manglisi. Assumption cathedral

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time for detailed sightseeing of Manglisi.
Residence of the Patriarch Ilia II, famous pine park and Arsena cave left off-camera.
If I get another opportunity, I'll sertainly visit the Assumption cathedral again as well.

Assumption cathedral.

The temple was founded in the IV century (nothing has left of that construction), was reconstructed in the VII century,
it got the present look in the XI century.

The temple was repaired in 1852. During the repairing works the interior walls of the temple were plastered.
It must be then when these symbols of the Russian Empire appeared above the entrance.

There's a stone half digged into the ground, looking like a millstone.

There're graves next to the temple. There're those who died for the territorial integrity of Georgia.

The temple is situated in the edge of Manglisi. If go farther, you'll see this landscape.

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