photography date: 07.05.2008  
  (except mentioned photos)

Cave settlement Mugutis Kvabebi.

In one of the lateral canyons, going aside from the river Khrami, you can see caves where people used to live.
Leading local historians advance a hypothesis that it's Mugutis Kvabebi cave settlement, mentioned in ancient chronicles.

Caves on the right slope of the canyon.

Natural walls are supplemented with handmade masonry.

Cave 'department' on the inside.

Debris of ceramic utensil.

Today's owner of the cave.

We put off our visit to the left slope, which is harder to climb on, till the next time.

Not far away, ruins of some construction are visible.
(photo taken on September 21, 2009)

It's hard to say from looking at the extant wall what it was, either a protective tower or a church. Most likely, a church.
(photo taken on September 21, 2009)

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