photography date: 25.11.2006  


Pitareti temple was built under the rule of king George IV Lasha (1213-1222).
Some of the constructions needed restoration, but in general, the temple had remained surprusingly well extant.
Unfortunately, inner wallpainting was not in such a good condition.

Pitareti. Restoration
In this old photo you can see the course of one of restorations.

We got to the temple in 2006 and found one more restoration.
At that time the temple was inoperative. I've heard that now there're monks living there and services are held.

To go to Pitareti and back to Tetri Tskaro in one day, a cross-country vehicle is needed.
Fortunately, we had one.
After having wandered for a few hours (as there was no one to ask the way) we finally saw the temple.

There were happy and relatively safe times for Georgia under the rule of king George IV Lasha.
The architect found a very beautiful place for the building. Beauty was more important than safety at those times.

Later they had to encircle the temple with a protective wall. Residents of nearby villages could hide from the enemies behind it.

A belfry which became a look-out station with time.
I wouldn't like to say banalities about 'stones which have seen a lot', but this time it's true.

The temple has remained in perfect condition.

Historians call the temple one of the best Georgian architectural monuments of the XIII century.

Some ornamental details have been lost, but it doesn't spoil general effect.

We found restoration works but couldn't see any restorers (they might have had their day off)
There are fragments of painting on the walls.

More wall painting.

At this point, the sightseeing was finished.

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